Wet Connections Don't Have To Drain Your Profits

The high cost of making "wet" pipe connections can be a significant and uneccessary drain on your profitability; wasted mud! Costly rig time lost waiting for the Kelly to drain. Time and money spent on rig floor and environmental cleanup. And of course, the safety problems associtated with handling heavy, dangerous equipment on a rig floor slick with drilling mud. All of these problems can be avoided by running one simple, reliable tool below the Kelly. The 3D Mud Saver Valve.

We Cut The Problem Down To Size

The idea of using a pressure-activated valve below the Kelly to seal off the mud system while pipe connections are made is not really new one. Such tools have been available for some time. Previous models have not been widely accepted because of their excessive size and maintenance expense.

The 3D Mud Saver Valve was designed and engineered to overcome these problems. With a shoulder to shoulder length of only 26", our Mud Saver Valve is the most compact, easy to use valve of it's type on the market. The sub not only holds the Mud Saver, it doubles as a Kelly Saver sub.

3D Reliability Is Built Right In

Inside we've utilized tungsten carbide trim in critical areas to keep our Mud Saver performing dependably in any type of service. A standard 2 1/4" TOTCO Type PCC Overshot easily pulls the inner assembly for wireline operations. Our special backflow feature permits pressure equalization in the Kelly Saver sub, allowing normal drill pipe pressure readings at the standpipe. It's designed to operate the same in all Kelly lengths, with no added connections to the drill string.

More Bottom Time For A Better Bottom Line

Everyone knows it takes longer to make a wet connection than to make a dry connection. On a 12,000 foot well that adds up to several hours of expensive rig time. Time could be spent drilling instead of draining. Everything your crew does will go faster on a dry floor, and they'll be able to use the time normally spent on clean up for other jobs.

Save Up To 21 Gallons Of Mud Per Connection

On a typical 40 foot Kelly, the 3D Mud Saver Valve can save up to 21 gallons of drilling fluid per connection automatically. No manual wrenches to drop downhole. No unnecessary wear on safety valves from using them to stop the flow of mud - a job they were not designed to do.

The 3D Mud Saver Valve closes immediately when the pumps are shut off, and opens automatically when the mud flow is resumed. In addition to the savings on mud costs, you'll spend a lot less time and money on environmental clean up.

Increased Safety Means Higher Productivity

The 3D Mud Saver Valve can make a rig safer and a cleaner place to work. That means higher productivity. Dry connections mean a dry, clean rig floor and rotary table, reducing the chance of a serious accident. Perhaps even more importantly, using the Mud Saver eliminates the practice of using a manual safety valve to reduce mud spillage - a potentially dangerous situation that shortens valve life and can threaten crew safety.

Backed By 3D Personnel And Facilities Worldwide

Like our tools, the 3D Mud Saver Valve by our experienced worldwide service organization. No matter when or where you need us, we're always as close as the nearest telephone.