For Medium to Hard Formations



The 3D Model 1530 Reamer/Stabilizer offers all the advantages of roller cutters set at an angle to the right with solid one-piece construction.

This exclusive 3D design gives greater wall contact for preventing “corkscrewing” and also provides an excellent fulcrum for directional drilling. The design improves circulation and cutter cleaning action by directing drilling fluid upward through the annulus during rotation.

Low Maintenance

The one-piece, weldless body has a special cutter assembly which is ideal for low, field maintenance. Since all parts of the cutter assembly that are subject to wear may he changed on (he rig floor in minutes, no welding is ever necessary.

Patented Cutter-Locking

The simple interlocking design is the ultimate in safety and sturdiness. Bushings are retained in place by a precision-machined dovetail plus cap screws. A protruding lip on the cutter pin prevents the cap screw in the lower bushing from backing off.


The Model 1530 is available in 3-point and 6-point configurations with 10 body sizes for popular hole sizes from 4 5/8” thru 8 3/4”. There are three cutter face choices: Chert, Sharp-Tooth, Hard-Faced, and Blank Roller.